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We created individual crash courses that examine the most pressing issues affecting women’s vaginal care. Curious? Check it out!


If you have a vagina, you’ve probably felt itchy in that area at some point in your life.

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Let’s talk about vaginal dryness, shall we? Firstly, it’s more common than you think!

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Fact: Your vaginal area has a lot of sweat glands. And we all know what happens when we sweat.

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One woman’s questions are every woman’s questions.

Do any Vagisil® products contain estrogen?

In an effort to ensure our products are as gentle on your body as possible, there is no estrogen in any Vagisil® products.

Do Vagisil® products contain fragrance?

Some Vagisil® products contain safe amounts of fragrance. Vagisil® products are specifically formulated for the sensitive skin in the vaginal area and have been dermatologist tested. Vagisil® ProHydrate Moisturizing Gel and Vagisil® Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Creme for Sensitive Skin are fragrance free.

What is PH?

Aside from bringing back memories of science class, pH measures a degree of alkalinity or acidity. Healthy human skin, including the skin in the vulvar area, has an acidic pH in the range of 4 to 6.1. Vagisil® daily intimate washes are formulated to skin’s optimal pH level, unlike conventional cleansing products like some bar soaps and body washes.

Can I use your products if I am nursing or pregnant?

We recommend you consult with your OB-GYN.


For almost 50 years, it’s been our mission to ensure everything we make is truly effective, to help every woman feel relieved, refreshed, and ready to shine.

Tested by gynecologists & dermatologists. Trusted by women.
Odour Controlling wash bottle and ingredientsOdour Controlling wash bottle and ingredients

24 hour odour protection. Helps stop odour before it starts.

pH Balance wash bottle and ingredientspH Balance wash bottle and ingredients

A lower dose vaginal yeast infection treatment.

Extra Strength Anti-Itch Creme box and tubeExtra Strength Anti-Itch Creme box and tube

From the #1 itch experts, our cremes are soothing and effective to deliver fast, lasting relief.

Medicated Anti-Itch Wipes pouchMedicated Anti-Itch Wipes pouch

Get instant itch relief. The #1 medicated wipes from our itch experts. Cooling, cleansing & soothing for vulvar skin.

Vagistat 1 Dose boxVagistat 1 Dose box

Odour Controlling Protection to keep odour from happening

Pouring contents of Intimtate wash bottle into handsPouring contents of Intimtate wash bottle into hands

Feel confident with all day freshness. Gentle, effective formulas you’ll want to use all over.

Dry Wash in handDry Wash in hand

Easy way to feel fresh & clean in between showers. Hypoallergenic. No parabens. No white residue.

Wipes pouch Wipes pouch

Feel clean & fresh after toileting, periods, bladder leaks, workouts, sex, whenever.

Everything Vagisil® is:
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Developed by our expert team of female scientists
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Made with high quality cosmetic, medicinal & botanical ingredients
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Tested by gynecologists & dermatologists
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We believe in

ingredients with purpose

We only use ingredients that have been diligently reviewed for safety by independent panels of experts and our internal safety experts, whether they are cosmetic, medicinal, or botanical. We also work with top fragrance houses to create skin-friendly scents using hypoallergenic ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive intimate skin. Gentle and effective ingredients are an important reason why everything Vagisil® works beautifully.

Passionately developed

by women, for women

For almost 50 years, Vagisil® has been a family business. We’re woman-owned and led. Our expert team of scientists is led by women. Along with the millions of women around the world who trust Vagisil®, we use our products, too. So do our moms, sisters, daughters, partners, and friends. Vagisil® is here to help every woman feel relieved, refreshed, and ready to shine… to feel like her beautiful self.

Tested, trusted, loved.


I literally just ran across the street to the store to get this because I could not take the itching any LONGER!!!! OMG! instant relief!!!!! I was on fire and now I feel I could just relax. Amazing!

- Lady F.


These sprays smell awesome! Great for feeling fresh anytime.

- Dena


I liked this wash because it didn't make me feel irritated like some feminine washes do. It made me feel clean and fresh.

- Sabrina