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Treatment for Intimate Skin

Most women experience vaginal itch or vaginal dryness at some point in their lives. That’s why Vagisil is here to help.

Vaginal itch and vaginal dryness are just some of the issues that many women commonly experience at some point in their lives. In fact, when it comes to vaginal itch, there are over 60 possible causes; some of which include antibiotics, discharge, pH imbalance and irritating vaginal conditions. Even stress can be a cause. No wonder vaginal itch is more common than the common cold.

Many women also experience vaginal dryness and that’s true for women of all ages. That’s because vaginal dryness can be triggered by more than just menopause. In fact, breastfeeding, certain medications, even stress can be a cause. With dryness most bothersome during sex, it can make intimacy uncomfortable and painful.

The Vagisil line of intimate treatment products were developed to provide solutions for your intimate health needs. When it comes to vaginal itch, Vagisil anti-itch cremes have the strongest medicine you can buy to relieve itch fast – plus ingredients to soothe and calm irritated skin. And for vaginal dryness, Vagisil® ProHydrate™ Natural Feel Moisturizing Gel provides dryness relief that feels like your own natural moisture, so you can feel like yourself and enjoy intimacy again. No wonder Vagisil products are trusted by more women. It’s because Vagisil is shameless about vaginal health.

Vagisil Products for the Treatment of Intimate Skin

Vagisil® Intensive Repair Hydrocortisone Crème ▸
Vagisil® ProHydrate Natural Feel Lubricant & Moisturizing Gel ▸
Vagisil® Extra Strength Anti-Itch Creme ▸
Vagisil® Regular Strength External Vaginal Itching Medication ▸
Vagisil® Gentle & Calming Feminine Wipes (Pouch) ▸
Vagisil® Gentle & Calming Feminine Wipes (Packettes) ▸