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Daily Care for Intimate Skin

The Vaginal Area Is Skin.

Did you know skin in your vaginal area can change with age just as the rest of your skin does? It’s also the most sensitive, delicate, intimate skin on your body with more sweat glands than anywhere else. It needs skincare products designed specifically for all of its unique qualities, including a very specific pH range which is important to your body’s own natural defenses in the vaginal area. Sensitive as intimate skin is, the ingredients in the products you use to cleanse or care for the vaginal area must be specially formulated to be gentle, yet effective.

It’s Time For The Intimate Skincare Routine.

Vagisil daily care products are specially designed to help cleanse, protect and maintain the health of your vaginal area like no other products in the world. You use a special eye cream for the skin around your eyes and facial cleanser for your face…. Isn’t it time you took special care of your most intimate skin?

Vagisil’s Daily Intimate Skin Products

Vagisil® Scentsitive Scents White Jasmine Wash ▸
Vagisil® pH Balance Feminine Wash ▸
Vagisil® Odour-Controlling Feminine Wash ▸
Vagisil® Clean Scent Feminine Wash ▸
Vagisil® Deodorant Powder ▸